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Library Volunteers Needed!
Library Volunteers
Library volunteers contribute hundreds of hours and provide invaluable service to their communities and to the OC Public Libraries . Volunteers are trained by professional librarians to assist in a variety of programs and activities.

The Friends of the Library
The Friends of the OC Public Lbraries dedicate their time to promoting the library within the community, enriching resources, providing legislative support and sponsoring cultural programs. Funds raised by the Friends support children's programs and other projects.

Each library branch offers unique volunteer opportunities such as the activities listed below. Check with your branch librarian to determine what's available at your local branch.

Teach internet classes
Assist with after-school homework centers
Create art displays and assist with arts & crafts projects
Staff phones and answer questions from library patrons
Shelve books and assist with book repair
Assist with the Children's Summer Reading program
Help preserve special collections
Participate in storytime activities and puppet shows
Assist with fundraising activities and special events
And much, much more!
OC Public Libraries volunteers are part of the library's circle of influence. They improve, enrich and support the library system and help promote library services and programs within the community.

Library volunteers are offered an opportunity to:
Lean new skills and gain experience
Become involved in their community and provide valuable service
Make new friends and gain fresh perspectives
Apply their talents and expertise to a variety of projects/activities
Training is provided.
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Help Adults Read!
Volunteer as a tutor and help another OC adult read better, write better...feel successful! Help them enjoy reading a story or writing their own...get a job...accomplish a goal...become a citizen, all through literacy. Contact READ/Orange County today for more information about our next training. 714-566-3070, ... Read more

About us

Read a book, do homework, or catch up on some current events. Either way our library is a great place for both kids and adults to come learn and relax no matter what your goals are! Stop by! 

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Cinco De Mayo!
"Public memory of the Cinco de Mayo was socially, and deliberately, constructed during the American Civil War by Latinos responding to events and changes around them,” says historian David E. Hayes-Ba utista. “The Cinco de Mayo is not, in its origins, a Mexican holiday at all but rather an American one, created by Latinos in California in the middle of the 19th century. The key events were taking place in Mexico in response to a French invasion." (Wikipedia) ... Read more
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